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Energy Therapy

Energy therapy works with you on a vibrational level. I understand myself as a tuning fork holding a joyful vibration that allows you to more easily raise your own emotional (vibrational) state to a higher frequency as well. It is within these higher vibrations that you are able to release tension and practiced thought patterns. It is at this point that you will more readily gravitate towards emotional, mental, and physical healing.

My intention is to help you recognize and experience how to more consistently reach this higher vibrational state on your own. 

So begin with this and trust what you sense within.


If energy therapy feels right for you - trust it.

If working with me feels right for you -trust it.

I look forward to meeting you.


"I'm in heaven. I feel like I am floating. It's wonderful." S.M.

"I"m not quite sure what is happening, but things are moving." J.B.

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