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Energy Therapy and Acupressure

You may be wondering what the #@$&*% is energy therapy? 

And that's ok - I get it! 

We are all energy - the building block of the universe - and you are made from it. 

And when you are not tuned into that reality, you block your own ability to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally which keeps you from the fullness of life that is possible. 

My role with energy therapy is to help you tune into your own sense of wellness 

so that you may open up and move in the direction of your own natural flow.

 When I work with you, I sense your energetic field in my hands, and I follow what I feel. Most often, one hand will lay gently on you, typically touching acupressure points, while the other hand moves above and around you releasing unwanted energy. 

As I work, you may feel cold, heat, or various other sensations in your body. It is also possible that you will become aware of particular thoughts, images, or memories. This last one may frighten you, but be assured, I cannot read your mind, and I am not digging for anything. I can only work with what you allow. 

You are in control and can stop the session at any time.


Sometimes, I will receive intuitive insights, pictures, or thoughts. I will always share these with you, but it is for you to decide if they ring true for you or not. After the session, you may experience various emotions or physical sensations for hours, sometimes days. I encourage you not to resist what is happening but to stay open to the process -  listen, release, and learn. However, if something doesn't seem "right," please talk to me, and we will work through it together.

Trust what you sense within. If energy therapy feels right for you - trust it. 

If working with me feels right for you - trust it.

In Gratitude, 


"I'm in heaven. I feel like I am floating. It's wonderful." S.M.

"I"m not quite sure what is happening, but things are moving." J.B.

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