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Beth Titus

Beth is an inspirational speaker, intuitive guide, and well-respected energy and massage therapist licensed in the state of Iowa. Her focus includes intuitive guidance, energy work, acupressure, therapeutic massage and myofascial massage. She has a natural gift in all of these areas and enjoys using it to enhance the overall well-being of her clients.


Beth is perceptive, insightful, and kind with a great sense of humor. She strives for balance, tries to keep things simple, and believes that less is more. She deeply values her close friendships and spending time with her family. Beth loves music with a special draw towards popular jazz. She loves to dance - freestyle at home and salsa out on the dance floor! And enjoys long walks with her ear buds in, drinks tea and wine, and loves to laugh.


If you find that you resonate with Beth, she invites you to trust it. Every step you take is a part of the journey, and half the fun is seeing where you go. 

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